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When Céline of Césarine and Lise de Papier and Co. spend some times together, it always ends up as something crazy. It's during a long and cold evening that the two creative designer and friend imagined an object  that will relieve our souls and will mix fun and spirituality. The Good Vibes Smudge Stick was born !

Céline and Lise invite you to discover the countless benefits....Including those on the card that will accompany you to your home or office.

Smudge Stick


This Pack includes:

- 1 Smudge Stick approx 18 cm, composed with Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Eucalyptarromatiques sont issues de l’agriculture LBI. Designed and printed in Landes, France.

- Matches box: 20 matches with white top.
- Card format: 21/10cm

Handmade in our workshop, Delays 1 week.

How to Use:

- Light the end of the stick. Once the stick is well lit, extinguish the flame by waving the stick in the air. The embers created allow the smoke to be dispersed, using a feather or the hand, for purification.
- To cleanse the house, go around each room clockwise until you return to the starting point.
- Always open the windows to let out smoke and bad energy; ideally, use a cup, a shell to carry and extinguish the stick.
- Before storing the baton for next use, make sure it is turned off.